Project is the newest and most ambitious project of Tourism for All, carried out in close close co-operation with colleague Friesio Foundation ( will in the near future give information on accessible tourism worldwide: accommodations such as hotels and holiday houses, recreational activities such as museums, theatres, amusement parks, restaurants and beaches, accessible transport and care providers.

There are many, very many websites providing this kind of information, mostly about accommodations,often in one language, mainly about one country, one region or one city, and often only for wheelchair users, people with a visual limitation or one other specific disability... will provide worldwide information for almost every disability and this in a very specific way.
The site will be built following the principles of a dating site - the ultimate target there is to find your ideal partner.
At the ultimate target is that you find the best spot for your personal holiday or trip.
So you fill out your characteristics in your personal profile with facts like

  • How wide should doors be at least for you?
  • Do you need a wheel-in shower?
  • What should be the minimum measures of an elevator for you?
  • Do dogs have to be allowed in the building?
and so on and so forth

With one button click you will then find the accommodations or providers of recreation which ‘match’ with your personal profile! Purely personalized, tailor-made!

Also better for the providers of accommodations or recreation - to have a good 'match' prevents complaints about the accessibility.

An additional bonus for providers: there is no need to search for an accessibility consultant, no need to go through many brochures or guides to find the right accessibility criteria for your building - all this you will find totally free of charge on . And yes, of course specifically for your kind of building - as soon as you have your own log-in code you can read or download all your personal access information from